The jDays Experience

jDays is Gothenburg’s largest software conference and this annual event will take place for the fifth time in 2017. jDays brings together software engineers around the world to share their experiences in different areas such as Java, software engineering, IoT, Digital Trends, Web, UX, Agile Methods, Test, Cyber Security and digital trends. jDays is all about speakers, visitors and networking. jDays unites executives from different industries, IT-departments and entrepreneurs to explore new areas of expertise with world class speakers and experts. We challenge ourselves to be an inspiration both to speakers and visitors. We hope jDays and the contacts you will make during the event will impact your business and inspire to new ideas.

Who attends jDays?

jDays target professionals and leaders in the technical industry and everyone with an interest in software engineering opportunities. Last year we had 350 attendees from e.g. Swedish authorities and leading IT-consulting companies. Seventy per cent of the audience will be from active engineering and product teams(developers, engineering and technical leads) and thirty per cent executive leaders. Our edge is the mix of visitors and speakers ranging from big businesses CEO’s to smaller business owners. What we all have in common is the interest in the digital world and the digital evolution.

Who speaks at jDays?

Each year jDays invites speakers from all over the world. All jDays speakers are leading professionals within their respective field and representatives for the software engineering, Internet, telecom, the digital evolution and entertainment.


Are your company interested in sponsoring jDays? jDays is always interested in developing new corporate partnerships and exciting sponsorship opportunities. If your company is interested in sponsoring or a partnership send an email to contact@jdays.se for more details.

jDaysJunior – an new programming activity for children

We are currently rolling out a new idea called jDaysJunior. This is an initiative brought to you by jDays, Solid Beans and Digitalverkstan. Our goal is to inspire young children to try and see programming for the first time. Interested in knowing more? Please visit our website www.jdaysjunior.se


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