Conference March 8 & 9, 2016

Workshops March 10

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About jDays

A Java developers conference about Java SE, Java EE, Java Open Source Frameworks and technologies, Front-end (Web & Mobile), Cloud & Microservices, IoT, Big Data, Test, Trends & Future, Software Solutions, Case Studies, Real World Experiences, Methodologies & Tools, and other related subjects.
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Event Schedule

Day 1March 8
Day 1March 8

Day 2March 9
Day 2March 9

Executive Presence

We have asked our visitors each time we have run jDays during last years. We have received very positive feedbacks, something that makes us glad and even more motivated to do jDays 2016 event better. You can read some of the feedbacks we have got under jDays 2013

  • AdWise Consulting (sponsor) Both I and Frederick are clearly satisfied, more satisfied than the last. Mainly due to the mingling space was more intimate and personal. A little cold, it was in the room occasionally, but no major problems. We were both interesting discussions with consultants, but also with co-sponsors which was positive. So thank you for a successful event!
  • Victor Grazi (speaker) I wanted to thank you again for bringing us in. I thought the conference was a great success, and I am proud that the technology world in Gothenburg can have a conference of such high quality. I hope you will invite me to present again at next year's conference, and I look forward to attending. Best of luck and best regards always
  • David Vujic (Speaker) Thanks for a great event and nice hotel! It was fun to be one of the speakers at jDays, meet people and share experiences. Great conference!

Summary of a questionnaire we sent out to our visitors after jDays 2013

Rate each question from 1 to 5, where 1 is not so good and 5 is excellent.

It is appreciated if you also give comments in free text.
(Just continue to write text after / below each question.)

1.What is your impression of jDays2013 as a whole?5 = Excellent
2.How interesting were the topics for you?5 = Very
3.The number of parallel lecture tracks? (Too few, just right or too many)5 = Too Many
4.Keynote, was the topic relevant?5 = YES
5.What topics do you think was missing?Different answers
6.How crucial was the price of your decision to come to jDays?4 = Quite important
7.How crucial were the topics for your decision to come to jDays?4 = Quite important
8.What is your impression of jDays-site in terms of what you needed?5 = Excellent
9.What is your impression of the site in terms of registration?5 = Excellent
10.What is the ruling for you when you should choose to go to a conference? in Gothenburg, themes, price
11.Can you imagine visiting jDays again? 5 = YES
12.Will you recommend jDays to colleagues / friends? 5 = YES
13.How did you find the premises?4 = OK
14.CommentsDifferent answers

Workshops on March 10th

Join a full day workshop sessions executed by experienced instructors

Welcome to register for one of our Workshops. Just send a mail to contact@jdays.se and we will take care of your registration.
A full day workshop cost 2900 SEK, 10-15 people a workshop.

Speakers of the Event

We’ve got experts speaking from around the world

Below you can see the list of speakers that we have chosen so far for this year's event.


After Work, at 17:30, March 8

Let's have an After Work and have fun!

It’s all about networking, for that reason we offer you the opportunity to mingle and keep on networking at our After Work in the evening. Don’t miss this excellent chance to meet new people and catch up with colleagues. We will serve you buffet, wine, beer and soft drinks @ John Scott´s Palace, just a few steps away from the conference. Bring a stack of business cards with you and take something to drink and have a great time. The After Work starts at 17:30, we can’t wait to see you there.

John Scott´s Palace


Our Esteemed Sponsors for this event

Without our loyal sponsors, it would have been impossible to run this conference. Below you can see the list of companies that sponsor jDays2016.


Generic Questions About This Event

Answer: it's entirely possible. Please inform us when you register, as a comment/message

Answer: we send you an invoice immediately after your registration.

Answer: Send an email to contact@jdays.se and you will hear from us.

Answer: If you have registered but are unable to attend the event, we can help you cancel your registration. You are welcome to cancel up to 4 weeks before the conference begins. If later we need to charge the whole fee. Send a mail to contact@jdays.se and we will help you.

Answer: yes it is possible. Just send us information about the person that will visit the event instead of you

Answer: jDays arranged in central Gothenburg, you can get to the Post Hotel very easy, as it is located next to the central train station. There are shuttle buses that take you shortly from the airport to the conference.


Location that you'll be looking for

Event Location

  • Clarion Hotel Post
    Drottningtorget 10

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Do you need to stay overnight at the hotel?

We recommend you to stay overnight at Clarion Hotel Post when visiting jDays event. As several speakers and visitors choose this hotel, you have the opportunity to meet them during your stay and get to know them more in the meantime. As a visitor of jDays you get a discount staying at the hotel, contact@jdays.se to find out more.
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